Wage and Hour Division’s New Webpage for Workers

The DOL’s Wage and Hour Division has a new webpage called “We Can Help”. The webpage contains general information that would be of particular interest to employees who wish to pursue wage or overtime claims against their employer. The webpage has bold text boxes on “How to File a Complaint”, links for General Information for Workers, Frequently Asked Questions, Third-Party Complaints and the Investigative Process.

Prominently displayed on slides artistically depicting construction workers, tools and migrant workers in the Art Deco style are toll-free compliance assistance numbers for employees. In addition, there are public service announcements with video links, usually in both English and Spanish. One notable PSA has actor Jimmy Smits speaking about the basics of the FLSA in Spanish and advising viewers to contact the Department of Labor if they need help regarding questions related to minimum wage and overtime, regardless of their documented status.

This is the most aggressive outreach ever made by the Wage and Hour Division since it has been online to reach workers and solicit calls for assistance. This campaign is likely going to result in more DOL investigations and enforcement. Employers should be aware of this campaign and take steps to ensure compliance with the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the FLSA. You can see the new webpage at www.dol.gov/wecanhelp.


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