An Update on the United States Department of Labor’s Agenda

By: John Ho – Bond, Schoeneck & King

WHDI member, Dennis McClelland served as a moderator for a presentation by Jennifer Brand, Associate Solicitor of Labor, at the American Bar Association’s, Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee’s Mid-Winter Meeting held this morning. Mr. McClelland is also the Employer Co-Chair of the Committee. Ms. Brand provided an update on important DOL initiatives and activities. In her discussion, Ms. Brand discussed recent litigation involving interns and confirmed that the Department still believes the six factors outlined in USDOL Fact Sheet #71 is the proper test to determine whether an unpaid internship is lawful. Ms. Brand did acknowledge that as the workplace evolves, it may, in unusual situations, be appropriate to consider other factors.

Ms. Brand also discussed the Department’s appeal of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia’s order vacating two major provisions in the DOL’s Home Care Rule originally intended to be effective January 1, 2015. The new rule would have excluded third-party employers from relying on the companionship and live-in domestic worker exemptions and would have significantly narrowed the definition of companionship services. The Department believes the case should be heard in the May term. Mr. McClelland specifically asked Ms. Brand why the revocation of the companionship exemption to third-party employers should not a Congressional issue. Ms. Brand responded that significant changes to home care services over several decades including the approximately 2 million hone care workers have dramatically changed the profession and that the United States Supreme Court provided DOL with the authority to define the term “companionship services.”

Finally, Ms. Brand acknowledged that the highly anticipated proposed changes to the white-collar exemptions would not be published this month as DOL had previously suggested. She further stated that they are “not imminent.” Although she would not comment on specifics, she stated that DOL is examining the appropriate salary level test and whether the duties test needs to be reviewed.

Other WHDI members serving on panels at the conference include Lawrence Peikes, Joseph Tilson, Reed Russell, Jeremey Glenn, and John Ho.


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